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The Brode Report  |  November 2010

David Brode profile   Before we get to the main article this month, I want to keep exploring the question of what I do at The Brode Group. My current take is that I am focused on two product lines: investment banking models and strategy models. Of course I do more than that; I enjoy building beautiful models to tackle complex problems in finance and strategy. I feel blessed that this work, enjoyable in its own right to me, helps executives make important decisions.

-David Brode
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Classic Large Model Miscues

Say you take a new job and inherit a large financial model built by someone else. What to do: rebuild from scratch or modify the existing model? When I find myself in this situation, a number of interesting questions arise:

- If in the short term, you decide to use the existing model to move the project forward, where do you actually draw the line and in what cases do you switch tactics and restart from scratch?

- As you start adding functionality to and, along the process, keep reviewing the original model, what are the types of mistakes that should push you to scrap and rebuild?

- If you then decide to rebuild the model from scratch and then go on to add new functionality, how do you go about reconciling with the original model for customer acceptance?

- Finally, how can you quickly get an organization to accept a new, more powerful model for strategic decision making?

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