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The Brode Report  |  September 2010

David Brode profile   Hi, this is David Brode. Welcome to The Brode Report newsletter, where I am sharing monthly with you my thoughts, ideas, and experiences around strategy & finance with a focus on financial modeling.

The main article this month is about building more accurate and more flexible scenario models. Also, some thoughts on the Skype IPO that is all over the news this month. Please share your feedback; I'm always happy to hear from you.
Five Tips for Better Scenario Modeling

Back to my roots: excellence in spreadsheet modeling. Recently Iíve been creating models with dramatically improved scenario features.

You know the problem: What's different between this model and that one? Spreadsheet compare tools can't handle the complexity of real business models, so you're left with crude manual tools to track down the changes, piece by piece.

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Skype logo Skype IPO: Where's the Beef?
  The Internet was abuzz last week about Skypeís planned IPO. Sites from GigaOM to Tech Crunch to CNET and even mainstream press such as Newsweek and BusinessWeek had breathy articles about it.

I found it amusing that some articles even attempted financial analysis. From my perusal of the S-1, we donít have sufficient information to tell if this makes sense.

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