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The Brode Report  |  June 2010

David Brode profile   Hi, this is David Brode. Welcome to our relaunched newsletter, The Brode Report. I will be sharing monthly with you my thoughts, ideas, and experiences around strategy & finance with a focus on financial modeling.

The main article this month is about scoring financial forecast models. How does yours stack up? Please share your feedback; I'm always happy to hear from you.
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A 25-Point Financial Model Scorecard -
How does your financial model measure up?

When we begin working with a new client they typically share their current financial model and want to get our view on its strengths and weaknesses. We developed a standardized evaluation methodology in response: the Financial Model Scorecard. We have previously published bits & pieces of this scorecard, but we now have the most up-to-date version with over 8 years of application in the field.

The scorecard evaluates models based on the four messages the model must convey to investors when seeking capital. These four messages are:
  1. that the CEO and their team are trustworthy & smart
  2. that the investor will make lots of money,
  3. that the revenue plan is solid, and
  4. that the capex and costs are well known so that future profitability seems realistic.
And so without further ado, here's the scorecard: ...

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Social networks are dominating the tech media news recently. One of the best pieces I read was Bill Gurleyís post last year about how one Chinese company has been successful at monetizing their users. Hint: itís not done by advertising or selling private data to marketers.

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